4 types of quilting: A brief

There are many forms of quilting; the categories are determined by technique, design and method of production. In this article, we look at four of the broad types of quilting based on the design technique that is utilised in the making of quilts. If you wish to learn more about quilting before you get into the finer details, then we suggest that you take a look at our article which explains what quilting is. This article is going to be a brief on the four basic types of quilting.

1. English Paper Piercing

When it comes to quilting, there are few design techniques that standout. This particular form of quilt designing is found in vintage quilts that are usually present in stores that specialise in handmade vintage goods and items. The technique is quiet easy for beginners to master. All you need to do is go to your supply store and buy paper templates for your quilt design. Once you have the paper design templates, and then start to fold the fabric around the paper template following which you should baste it. And in no time your quilt will be ready to use. The most common type of template that people use is hexagon as it not only gives you a cool design but is also quite easy compared to other templates.

2. Paper Pierced Quilts

The form of quilting that developed from English Paper piercing. The style involves the use of numbered templates that help create intricate designs. The paper templates account for meticulous design patters and can be printed out from online platforms. It still requires stitching and sewing proficiency.

3. Applique Quilts

If you are a quilt maker who has been around the block for a considerable period of time, you are sure to have gotten bored with symmetrical patterns. Fret not; applique quilt designs are here to save you; they are unsymmetrical shapes that add a wild twist to your quilt design. The design also gives you the freedom to shape and reshape your design as and when you see fit. There are two techniques that require further research when it comes to applique quilt design, they are raw edge technique and interfaced technique.

4. Pieced Quilts

American quilt makers have always followed a traditional technique when it comes to quilt making. Pieced quits are basically one where a particular block of the quilt is done, and then blocks are done across the dimension and sewed together.

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